Push Notifications Engagement | 5 Ready-to-Use Strategies to Engage Better (Definitive Guide - 2020)

Push Notifications Engagement | 5 Ready-to-Use Strategies to Engage Better (Definitive Guide - 2020)


Browser push notification is a modern channel that plays a great role in engaging visitors to your Web site. It allows to send notifications directly to browsers even when users are not navigating in your Web site.
Browser push notifications are an effective marketing channel, but you must design creative push notification if you want to improve the engagement. Some stats indicate that you can boost the engagement up to 88% within 30 days? See more at https://www.invespcro.com/blog/push-notifications/.
In this post, we're going to go over some marketing strategies to improve the engagement by sending push notification to the browsers.

Web push notification cases

Let's say some visitors to your Web site are not coming back. In order to keep them coming back and interact with your Web site again, you could send those visitors a push notification whenever a new content is published. They're more likely to engage, comment, like and share. Real time updates are even more exciting because they want to be the first like or comment. It's remarkable to say that they're going to receive the notification even when they're not navigating in your Website.

Another example is a customer who abandoned your Web site after putting some products into their shopping cart without checking out. You could send that customer a push notification with a reminder to return to your Web site to complete the purchase. You can hold the products for 24 hours. If the customer doesn't check out within that time limit, then you can release the products for other customers to buy.

So, how can we create a marketing strategy to improve for engaging your visitors using browser push notification?

Step 1: Identify goals and opportunities

To start off, you need to run a SWOT analysis to identify your business: strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. This step helps to find out what the campaign purpose is. After the situation analysis, you are able to identify the market opportunities and your core competencies. This step will help you figure out what's the best message to send to the customer browser. You should stand out your core competencies in the message.

Step 2: Identify the target audience and map the messages

Next up, you need to understand your customers needs and find out how your products/services solve those particular needs.
The more detailed understanding you have of your customers the better.
There are several ways to discover the customers pain points:

  • A survey for example through SurveyMonkey
  • Analysis of customer past actions
  • Look at question asked on Quora
  • Look at question asked on LinkedIn

Furthermorse, those customers should be split into homogenous segments or niches that have similar motivations, demographics, background and challenges in order to tune the push notification message. As well as you should consider account age, gender, family/marital status, and financial status when segmenting your customers.

After the target audience is identified, you need to define the right push notification message matching that right audience.This makes the push notification campaign more effective.
It's remarkable to say that the message should be accessible to each market segment, in other words, they should be subscribed to your push notification list. One strategy to define the right message is to be aware of the value proposition expressing your key strengths (identified in the previous step).
Another strategy is add personalization making the push notification messages more appealing to the target audience. This can be implemented as simple as adding the user's name to the message.

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Step 3: Establish marketing goals

Next up, you need to specify the objectives in order to measure the outcomes. It's very important the objectives meet the following criteria: they’re specific, measurable, and have a clear time frame. This is well knowned as SMART.

There are key questions to ask:

  • What are you trying to achieve by engaging your target audience?
  • Do you want to increase web traffic, acquire or re-engage more customers or increase revenue?
  • How will you reach your target audience? Cold call, email, SMS or Web push notification?
  • How will you measure the effectiveness of the executed strategy?
  • When do you want to hit specific metrics and achieve key results?

Step 4: Implement the strategy. Select the best marketing tools

Next up, you need to execute your push notification strategy.

Depending on your target segment, you will need to pick the best marketing channel to communicate your message.
There are several modern communication channels such as:

  • Email
  • SMS/Texting
  • Web push notification

To execute a Web push notification strategy, you can use Webpushify. This tool makes it easier to send Web push notifications in a matter of minutes. You can find low-cost plans suitable for any business size.
Another key feature of Webpushify is the ability to schedule the Web push notification messages at the most convenient and actionable time based on a user's time zone instead of a blanket send.

Step 5: Create an evaluation process

And finally, you should measure the effectiveness of your marketing strategy once you send the messages out. Basically, you need to figure out how users are responding to the messages.

Webpushify tracks data and provides a dashboard to show metrics such as:

  • sent count
  • open count
  • click count


As conclusion, we can say that Web push notification is modern and very effective channel that can help increase your customer engagement.
The most important feature is the opportunity to interact with your customer even when they're not navigating in your Website. The message is integrated with the OS and it will show up right in your customer eye once picking up their device or desktop computer.
In this post, we have covered 5 steps ready to be used in your own campaigns.

Author: Webpushify

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